This Month, instead of going completely sober and then celebrating with a monumental bender to end all benders, how about you just aim for a, well, Normal July!?

And to celebrate you just doing your best to drink less this July, we’re just doing our best by giving you the chance to win a *new car (well not a new new car, but our old delivery van - “The Red Rattler” - that’ll be filled with beer and products from our friends and will become someone’s new car).
So, try drink a bit less, one less beer, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and just aim for a more long term balanced relationship with drinking…
We know being completely sober isn’t for everyone and the key to lasting healthy behaviours is reflecting on what works for you personally - creating your own normal.

To reflect that ideal, we're throwing a line out to the beer drinkers who are looking for an alternative to the trendy 30 days of sobriety. If you want to cut back on the booze and set a behaviour that not only works for you in this month, but for you everyday, join us.

To play our part we’re also donating $10 from every case sold via our online store during July to Hello Sunday Morning.

To stand the chance to win “The Red Rattler” filled to the rafter with goodies, watch the video below and then fill out the form and tell us in 50 words or less about a time you were “Just doing your best”.