Interview and intro by Tim Snape - Heaps Normal
Photos by Yeah Rad

To celebrate the launch of our new Coffee Run Stout, we’re profiling some of our mates in the food and beverage world doing things that we reckon are pretty special, like Kmac, from Floozy Coffee Roasters in Newcastle. Kmac and Floozy were kind enough to work with us on the new Stout, providing all of the beans, roasting and cold brew that give the Stout all of the pep that hopefully boosts your step. Kmac is an absolute legend in the Coffee scene, operating the only female-led roastery on the East Coast and supplying some incredible coffee shops and restaurants up and down the coast. We spent a morning with Kmac at Floozy Coffee Roasters and their amazing Coffee Shop - Floozy Coffee to chat all things all-day-breakfast and learn a bit about the coffee roasting process.

TS  | What’s your go-to coffee order?

K | Oat flatty and a batch brew.

TS | What’s your favourite all-day-breakfast menu item?

K | I’m not a big breakfast person, a couple of coffees gets me through the morning but I’d eat hashbrowns all day.

TS | What are you most excited about in the world of food and drinks right now? 

K | That’s super exciting to me because in general it means higher quality ingredients and more delicious things.

TS | Who is a woman or non-binary legend in the world of food and drinks that inspires you and why?

K | Oh, this is a hard question, there are so many amazing people just in the coffee world that I’d like to shout out. Someone in the coffee world who I admire is Aislinn Cullen and Melbourne Coffee Merchants – they bring beautiful coffee into Australia in a thoughtful and ethical way. Aislinn is super authentic in the way she presents coffee and has always been an inspiration to me in the way that I sell and talk about coffee.

TS | What’s something that you think should be normal in the world of food and drink that isn’t?

K | In my little corner of this industry, I want to say that letting people enjoy things should be more normal. You wanna put a little caramel syrup in your super special cup of coffee? Go for it! You like a little sugar in your coffee? That’s cool with me. Our coffee shop is a judgement free zone.

TS | What’s a song that you think works at breakfast, lunch and dinner?

K | All Dolly Parton all day every day. 

TS | Why are you excited to be partnering with Heaps Normal for this special release brew?

K | Working with Heaps Normal is a dream! We always have Heaps Normal – Another Lager in the fridge so it was very cool to find out they had Floozy in their office too.