Heaps Normal Normal Friends Playing Guitar


The word legend gets thrown around a lot these days. A legend is someone who stands for what they believe in, drives change in the world around them, and has the passion and panache to back it up. Normal Friends is a program we’ve set up to profile, promote and support our mates, dead-set legends creating their own normal. 

Every one of our Normal Friends is doing awesome things. From giving a voice to hard truths, or challenging the inequality of prize money between genders, to inspiring a generation of young First Nations musos to follow their dreams. Showing the world that fine dining doesn’t always have to include booze for it to be great, to keeping alive the language of their cultures through song or even simple dreams of how lasagne can change lives.

We set up our Normal Friends program to not only give our humble voice to the people we’re stoked on, but to help them achieve their dreams, whether they seem normal or not.

We’re so proud to support each and every one of them.

Meet our Normal Friends below.


We don’t like to talk about ourselves too much at Heaps Normal, but when it comes to our Friends we’ll shout it from the rooftop, in our undies, through a loudspeaker. From helping create change together, to telling stories that need to be told, to sharing and creating music, funding trips, and tours, from the ocean to our favourite live venues, we work with our mates to make amazing things happen. Here are just a few.