Interview by Tim Snape - Heaps Normal.

Photos by Yeah Rad. 

To celebrate the launch of our new Coffee Run Stout, we’re profiling some of our mates in the food and beverage world doing things that we reckon are pretty special, like Kelsey Jakins, from Rick's Garage, in the Sunny Coast.

From doppio to shakshuka, we sat down with Kelsey and talked all things all-day breakfast, candidness and connections in the Sunny Coast hospo scene.

TS | What’s your go-to coffee order?

KJ | A quad-shot iced vanilla latte on oat. Or a doppio. Depends on how little I want to sleep.

TS | What’s your favourite all-day-breakfast menu item?

KJ | Shakshuka, especially in winter. Savoury over sweet any day.

TS | What are you most excited about in the world of food and drinks right now? 

KJ | The humanisation of the industry, particularly via social media. Chefs are sharing family recipes, bartenders are talking about their favourite martini, Heaps Normal are asking me about my favourite breakfast food... That kind of candidness connects the creator and consumer way more than just a transaction.

TS | Who is a woman or non-binary legend in the world of food and drinks that inspires you and why?

KJ | Millie Tang of The Gresham fame. She is an absolute creative genius, and is constantly pushing the envelope; her photography, bartending, and being a successful woman in an industry that isn’t always kind to them. She motivates me a lot.

TS | What’s something that you think should be normal in the world of food and drink that isn’t?

KJ | All dry food should have a wet counterpart (condiment) and all wet drinks should have a dry counterpart (a yummy lil snack).

TS | What’s a song that you think works at breakfast, lunch and dinner?

KJ | “Heaven or Las Vegas” by The Cocteau Twins.