To celebrate the launch of our new Coffee Run Stout, we’re profiling some of our mates in the food and beverage world doing things that we reckon are pretty special, like Dash, from Such and Such in Canberra. 

We sat down with Dash and chatted about dumplings for breakfast, serving what you love and the creative crossovers across industries.

TS  | What’s your go-to coffee order?

DR | Oat flat white, small one - never jumbo. I find them comical and a little scary.

TS | What’s your favourite all-day-breakfast menu item?

DR | DUMPLINGS or bánh mì, depending on my mood.

TS | What are you most excited about in the world of food and drinks right now?

DR | I think I'm really excited about the collaboration and crossovers of other creative industries. Watching art, design, food, wine, makers, and growers creating together and working with each other is really awesome. I'm sure this has always happened on some level but it seems more prevalent and accessible now.

TS | Who is a woman or non-binary legend in the world of food and drinks that inspires you and why?

DR | Christine Manfield and Vanya Cullen. Both of these women are top of their fields, their achievements and influence are toooo long. They both inspire me to push forward, Christine is an amazing chef/restaurateur and Vanya is a tremendous viticulturist/winemaker. After paving the way they are still prominent in their industries, making change outside of it and both share such a love and respect for the country and the communities that were here before us.

TS | What’s something that you think should be normal in the world of food and drink that isn’t?

DR | Serving people what you love, not what you think other people will love. As well as doing what you love and trying your best should be normal. Also more Shandy's.

What’s a song that you think works at breakfast, lunch and dinner?

DR | Toms Diner - Suzanne Vega