Interview by Tim Snape - Heaps Normal.

Photos by Yeah Rad. 

To celebrate the launch of our new Coffee Run Stout, we’re profiling some of our mates in the food and beverage world doing things that we reckon are pretty special, like Nina and Morgen, from GANG GANG.

Spicing things up in Adelaide, we sat down with them to talk brekkie faves, sauce creations and their inspiration within the industry.

TS  | What’s your go-to coffee order?

N & M | 2 x small oat lattes, please! We are like clockwork with our caffeine. 7:30am, 11am and one at 3pm on those extra long days!

TS | What’s your favourite all-day-breakfast menu item?

M | I love me a bagel. Any filling will do, but always extra cream cheese if optional.

N | We have perfected our smashed avocado at our Parkside location. I dream about it. Tis’ the smashed avo of smashed avo’s!

TS | What are you most excited about in the world of food and drinks right now? 

N & M | We are loving that more and more experimentation is happening, lots of collaborations between likely and also unlikely businesses. It’s really cool to see what everyone is coming up with! Nostalgic comfort foods are also at the forefront of fine dining as well now. It’s a great shift in the industry.

TS | Who is a woman or non-binary legend in the world of food and drinks that inspires you and why?

M | Well, I am my wife Nina’s biggest foodie fan. She will create these recipes in her sleep for our restaurants and they just slap! And you just think damn, how does she do it. She has a great palate, understanding of balance and her sauce creations are unreal.

N | Can I say Nigella just based on the way she says microwave? Haha. In all seriousness, I have an extremely talented friend @dom.tropical who is doing incredible things in my hometown in Bali. She has taken vegan dining to a whole new level and is working in some of the most esteemed establishments there is. It’s great to see good humans doing great things.

TS | What’s something that you think should be normal in the world of food and drink that isn’t?

M | IIf you ask Nina, it’s the spice level of food served in Australia. She thinks we could and should tone it up a couple of notches!

TS | What’s a song that you think works at breakfast, lunch and dinner?

M | I think if Blue Monday - New Order played on repeat for an entire day, I wouldn’t even notice and still be tapping away to it!

N | I mean, I’d still hit play on Fred Again at breakfast.