Interview by Tim Snape - Heaps Normal.

Photos by Yeah Rad. 

To celebrate the launch of our new Coffee Run Stout, we’re profiling some of our mates in the food and beverage world doing things that we reckon are pretty special, like Charlotte, our Production Manager, who worked with Kmac from Floozy Coffee to bring our latest special release beer to life. 

We sat down with her at Valentina's in Sydney and talked about her beery journey and her inspiration behind the all-day-breakfast beer of champions.

TS | What’s your go-to coffee order?

CR | Definitely a large soy cap x2 (spread out over multiple hours… usually). I don’t understand how people can function without the choccy on top - it is the best!

TS | What’s your favourite all-day-breakfast menu item?

CR | I am a giant pancake fan and they are truly a 24-hour food. Big brunch? Fancy ricotta pancakes with berries and maple syrup. Big night on the town? Maccas hot cakes. They are universal and timeless and deserve more respect than they are getting.

TS | How was the process of creating our new Coffee Run Stout?

CR | It was extremely fun! Our two Sydney Beer Whispers came to me with the idea initially as they really wanted to hero their customers and create a product they knew their community would like. Once I had developed the initial recipe we had a brew day together on the 30L kit and thus the temporary named “Skywalker Stout” was born.

We had to trial the recipe with both cold brew and soaking the beans in the beer for 24 hours and found we got a less harsh, more aromatic beer when cold brew was added to the base.

TS | Who is a woman or non-binary legend in the world of craft beer that inspires you and why?

CR | Honestly my best friend and most amazing craft beer human is Chelsea Bright! She was my first boss in beer and has been a sales rep, a maltster, a brewer, events manager, a marketing leader and ‘beerfluencer’. She just does what brings her joy and does it with all the energy each job needs and deserves. Being someone who has worn so many hats can really bring you down/burn you out and somehow she still manages to do everything with gusto! Shout out to you Chelsea because you really deserve it!

TS | What’s something that you think should be normal in the world of craft beer?

CR | Hmm probably people being nicer, more fair and less judgemental in the industry. There is a fair bit of old school mentality in regards to working on beer and it is a little divisive and elitist sometimes. Working in breweries really brings people in and churns them out as it is hard work and often isn’t paid that well in craft. That all sounds a bit pessimistic but I really believe we can be better in beer and take steps to be kinder and help others as working in beer can be unnecessarily challenging.

TS | What inspired you to work as a brewer?

CR | Initially it was definitely free beer and manual labour. I never wanted an office job as sitting down all day seemed a bit bleh. The social aspect of brewing is also great as there is no singular ‘beer school’ or typical way people get into the industry so there are so many amazing and varied people. It honestly is (subjectively) the best job as you get to see the product of your hard work from grain to glass and see other people enjoy it! Plus there are so many festivals and conferences which are heaps of fun.

Charlotte's Picks

  • Coffee Run Stout Case - Heaps Normal
    Coffee Run Stout Case - Heaps Normal
    Coffee Run Stout Case

    Coffee Run Stout Case

    Regular price $74.99
  • Tough Stuff Shandy Case - Heaps Normal
    Tough Stuff Shandy Case - Heaps Normal
    Tough Stuff Shandy Case

    Tough Stuff Shandy Case

    Regular price $74.99
  • Norm Hoodie | Black (Recycled) Heaps Normal
    Norm Hoodie | Black (Recycled) Heaps Normal
    Norm Hoodie | Black (Recycled)

    Norm Hoodie | Black (Recycled)

    Regular price $89.00
  • Coffee Run Stout Sticker Pack - Heaps Normal
    Coffee Run Stout Sticker Pack - Heaps Normal
    Coffee Run Stout Sticker Pack

    Coffee Run Stout Sticker Pack

    Regular price $15.00




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