At Heaps Normal, we're working towards a better balance in gender representation across every part of our business. Starting with a clear target is the best way to show we're making progress and keep ourselves on track. It's not about being perfect from the get-go but rather about taking steps towards creating a new, more inclusive normal for our team, our industry, and our community.

So, what's this 40:40:20 thing?

It's a guideline we're using to amplify gender diversity and equality across the board. The idea is to have at least 40% men, 40% women, and the remaining 20% to be a flexible dimension of our reporting that is open for all genders. This part is especially important because it includes non-binary people and those who would prefer not to disclose their gender, making sure we’re accounting for the full spectrum of gender diversity. This framework also gives us a way to work towards balance without getting caught up in a strict 50/50 split, offering a more flexible and fair way to represent everyone in our business. 

So, how are we going?

We’re currently measuring and tracking 40:40:20 across our internal team and our external community partners. This is how we’re tracking as of March 2024. Stay tuned as we’ll be reporting on this annually.