Another Lager Case

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24 x 375ml cans

Deep down we know that everyone loves a classic Aussie beer as much as they love summer, the smell of cut grass, the sound of cricket in the background on the radio, pouring ice into a full esky, knocking off work and having one off the wood at your local.

So we've created a classic Aussie non-alcoholic lager fit for the pub, pitch or pit. Another Lager is just that, but with no alcohol you'll get that quintessential, crisp lager experience without any of the downsides. It's a normal lager for heaps normal people.

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  • Vegan
  • Alcohol Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Low Gluten
Nutritional Information
  • Average QTY Per 100mL
  • Energy 60kJ (14Cal)
  • Protein 0.1g
  • Total Fat <1g
  • Saturated Fat <1g
  • Total Carbohydrate 3g
  • Sugars 0.9g
  • Dietary Fiber 0.5g
  • Sodium 1mg
  • Gluten 11 mg/kg (ppm)
  • Chicken Schnitty
  • Pub Games
  • Dogs at Pubs


Our beers contain a trace amount of alcohol due to the natural fermentation process. However, you cannot become intoxicated after drinking Heaps Normal. It’s not a challenge but this trace amount of alcohol is processed by your body faster than you can drink Heaps Normal. To put it another way, many everyday foods such as ripe bananas and some burger buns contain a similar amount of alcohol to Heaps Normal.

Great news folks. Heaps Normal beers do not contain any preservatives. Our beers only contain water, malt, hops and yeast. We don't believe in putting unnecessary bad stuff in our beers.

Our non-alcoholic beers contain less than 0.5% ABV – this is similar to the amount of alcohol found in fruit juice or bananas. Alcohol free drinks that are 0.5% ABV or lower are suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mums. If you are unsure, we do recommend checking in with your healthcare provider before.

Our Quiet XPA is a low gluten beer with only 56 ppm of gluten. It is most likely safe to drink for people who have a slight intolerance to gluten.

Our Half Day Hazy Pale Ale is also low gluten with only 29ppm of gluten in a can.

We tested Another Lager for gluten content and zero gluten was detected. We can’t label the beer as gluten free since it is brewed with cereal grains but it should be very low risk for people with gluten intolerance.

In either case, and especially if you are a celiac, please use your discretion or consult a medical professional if you have any concerns.